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Comming dissertations, half-time seminars and doctoral students 



Richard Deyhle Jr: Half-time seminar scheduled May 31,2023

“Development of in-vivo respiratory dynamic imaging to study models of lung diseases in small animals with ultra-high spatial resolution”


Halftime 2022-09-30 Veronica Fransson 
Dissertation 2022-03-25 Emma Einarsson 
Halftime 2022-02-17 Minna Lerner

Doctoral students 

Anna Bjerkén (tidigare Bejnö), Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
AI together with MI in mammography and breast tomosynthesis

Arthur Chaves Costa, Diagnostic Radiology, Malmö
Effect of AI Interpolated Projection Views in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Richard Deyhle, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
Development of in-vivo respiratory dynamic imaging to study models of lung diseases in small animals with ultrahigh spatial resolution

Marius-Catalin Dinca, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö

Veronica Fransson, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
Spectral Computed Tomography with detector-based technology in Neuroradiology

Gustav Hellgren, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
Review studies in mammography screening where synthetic mammography is to be evaluated as a possible replacement for digital mammography as a complement to breast tomosynthesis

Michael Lempart, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
AI-based decision-supportive tools for treatment planning in external beam radiation therapy

Minna Lerner, Medical Radiation Physics, Malmö
MRI-only based radiotherapy of brain cancer - Implementation and adaptive possibilities

Tomic Hanna, Diagnostic Radiology, Malmö
Simulation of Breast Cancer Screening based on Virtual Clinical Trials