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Previous half-time seminars

2023-05-31 Richard Deyhle Jr
Development of in-vivo respiratory dynamic imaging to study models of lung diseases in small animals with ultra-high spatial resolution

2022-09-30 Veronica Fransson
Spectral imaging by Detector-based Computed Tomography in Neuroradiology

2022-02-17 Minna Lerner
MRI-only based radiotherapy of brain cancer - Implementation and adaptive possibilities

2020-06-12 Antanas Bukartis
Mobile measurement data analysis in radiological emergency situation using BAyesian statistical methods

2020-03-16 Lovisa Waldner
Optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry using NaCl pellets.

2019-11-22 Emma Einarsson (tidigare Olsson)
Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of tissue degeneration in knee osteoarthritis

2018-12-18 Emilia Persson
Validation and clinical implementation of an MRI-only prostate cancer radiotherapy workflow

2018-10-17 Hanna Holstein

2018-03-20 Lena Trinh
Fat composition and location: assessment by magnetic resonance imaging in muscle and adipose tissue

2018-02-22 Christian Jamtheim Gustafsson
MRI-based radiotherapy treatment planning for prostate cancer - Assessment of geometric distortion and detection of fiducial markers

2017-03-10 Hannie Petersson (nu Förnvik)
Optimering av brösttomosyntes med Monte Carlo-simuleringar

2016-11-22: Simon Kindvall
Regional quantification of pulmonary function with oxygen enhanced MRI

2016-09-21: Marie Louise Aurumskjöld
Iterativa bildrekonstruktioner inom CT-diagnostik med avseende på bildkvalitet och stråldos

2015-09-18: Martin Andersson
Biokinetic and dosimetric studies in diagnostic nuclear medicine – development and optimization with special reference to Fluorine-18 flutemetamol in patients with mild to moderate cognitive disorder

2015-03-06: Lars Herrnsdorf

2015-02-27: Jonas Nilsson

2014-01-16: Magnus Dustler
The impact of pressure distribution on breast compression at mammography and tomosynthesis

2014-01-24: Karl Östlund
Undersökning och mätningar av peak-to-valley-kvoter för nedträngningsbestämning vid utsläpp från kärntekniska anläggningar

2013-06-04: Ünal Ören
Use of hospital equipment for radiological and nuclear emergency situations

2013-05-16: Therése Geber-Berglund
Nya metoder och detektormaterial för bestämning av absorberad dos

2012-04-24: Pernilla Peterson
Body composition and fat quantification with magnetic resonance imaging