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Seminars 2020

Joint Zoom seminars MSF Malmö and Lund, sept-dec 2020


Sept 4 Lund - Carl Fredrik Warfvinge, Oncology, Lund
Chemo therapy – basic principles and examples

Sept 11 Malmö - Jonny Hansson, Hallands sjukhus / Göteborgs universitet
VGC Analyzer – a tool for analysis of image quality grading data

Sept 13 – 17 ERRS2020 - konferens Lund

Sept 18 Lund - Per Engström, Radiation physics, Skåne University Hospital
Tomotherapy: Challenging radiotherapy at Skåne University Hospital

Sept 25 Malmö - Bruno Barufaldi, University of Pennsylvania
Virtual Clinical Trials: A Fully-automated Framework to Design, Develop and Validate Novel Imaging Systems

Oct 2 Lund - Kristoffer Petersson, Radiation Physics, Skåne University Hospital and Oxford University
FLASH Radiation

Oct 9 Malmö - Moa Sporre , Department of Physics, Lund University
What does a climate researcher do at the division of nuclear physics? A talk about climate change, aerosol particles and the largest source of uncertainty in predicting the future climate

Okt 16 Lund - Anna Ekberg, Verksamhetsledare, LU Hållbarhetsforum
Utbildning och forskning för hållbar utveckling

Oct23 Malmö - Angelica Svalkvist, Översjukhusfysiker, PhD, Göteborgs universitet/Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
Utvecklingen av ViewDEX 3.0 samt kommande studier med den nya mjukvaran

Oct 30 Lund - Half-time seminar
Jan Brabec

Nov 6 Malmö - Anetta Bolejko
Kvalitativ forskning – myter och sanningar.

Nov 13 Lund - Lena Jönsson & Cecilia Hindorf

Nov 20 Malmö - Sophia Zackrisson
Hur man bygger en forskargrupp

Nov 27 Lund -  PhD student presentation Malmö & Lund

Nov 4 Malmö - T.B.A.

Dec 11 Lund - T.B.A.

The Departments of Medical Radiation Physics in Malmö and Lund have both canceled their regular seminars due to the corona crisis.To find something positive about this, we will be holding joint virtual seminars through Zoom for the next four weeks.

Joint Zoom-seminars MSF Malmö and Lund, March-June 2020


2020-03-16 - Lovisa Waldner, Halftime (MSF Malmö)

2020-03-25 - Predrag Bakic, Lund University, Department of Translational Medicine. University of Pennsylvania, Department of Radiology, "Virtual Clinical Trials of Medical Imaging with Application to Simultaneous Tomosynthesis and Mechanical Imaging" (MSF Malmö)

2020-04-08 - Yvonne Hinrichsen, Medical Radiation Physics in Malmö,  Introduction to decision support modelling in inhabited areas for radiological emergency management (MSF Malmö)

2020-04-22 - Christopher Rääf, Medical Radiation Physics in Malmö, Avstyrda livstidsrisker med sanering och evakuering efter en radioaktiv beläggning (MSF Malmö)

2020-05-06 - Karl Östlund, MAS, How prepared are we as a country to handle nuclear weapon attacks and fallout - short overview for further comtemplation (MSF Malmö)

2020-05-14 - Pablo Villanueva Perez,  Associate senior lecturer,  Synchrotron Radiation Research,  Lund University, Bioimaging at synchrotrons and XFELs and the challenge of radiation damage (MSF Lund)

2020-05-15 - Andre Haraldsson, Halftime (MSF Lund)

2020-05-22 - Emilia Persson, Disputation (MSF Malmö)

2020-06-03: David Tilly, Uppsala University, The MR-Linac at Uppsala - Initial experiences and towards automatic logfile analysis (MSF Lund)

2020-06-04 - M.Sc. Projects 2020, Oral presentation. Medical Radiation Physics (MSF Lund)

2020-06-05 - Lena Trinh, Disputation (MSF Malmö)

2020-06-10 - Matthias Bank, Bibliometrics: Research support librarian, Faculty of Medicine, Library & ICT, Lund University.

2020-06-12 - Antanas Bukartis, Halftime (MSF Malmö)

2020-06-12 - Mynta Norberg will present her master thesis entitled: Development of a separation method using UTEVA and DGA resins for the quantification of plutonium and americium in brown algae by alpha spectrometry. (MSF Malmö)


Seminars in Malmö, January-March 2020
Fridays in 4151 kl 14.00-15.00, and then fika (reservation for changes)


2020-01-17 - David Minark, AI och nuklearmedicin (MSF Malmö)

2020-01-24 - Sigrid Leide Svegborn,  Radiation exposure in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine - A summary of our projects at MAS, UMAS and SUS Malmö during 30 years, in 45 minutes

2020-01-31 - Lars E Olsson Resultat 2019

2020-02-07 - Richard Deyhle Introduction to myself and my PhD project

2020-02-14 - Anja Almén Findings and challenges during the CONCERT project “Personal online dosimetry using computational methods"

2020-02-21 - Helena Alexanderson Luminescence characteristics of quartz from Sweden and Norway

2020-03-06 - August Bjerkén Agree without aggregating - A new approach to decision making in the management of coastal erosion

2020-03-13 - Magnus Dustler Peer review - how (and why) to do it