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Previous dissertations

2022-03-25: Emma Einarsson

Imaging of tissue degeneration in knee osteoarthritis using magnetic resonance and synchrotron radiation

LÄS MER: Imaging of tissue degeneration in knee osteoarthritis using magnetic resonance and synchrotron radiation


2021-09-17: Antanas Bukartas

Assessment of mobile radiometry data in radiological emergencies using Bayesian statistical methods 

LÄS MER Assessment of mobile radiometry data in radiological emergencies using Bayesian statistical methods


2021-09-03: Lovisa Waldner

Optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry with NaCl pellets. Dosimetry for prospective applications 

LÄS MER Optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry with NaCl pellets. Dosimetry for prospective applications


2020-06-05: Lena Trinh

MRI-based methods for quantification of fat and fatty acid composition. Validation and applications. 



2020-05-22: Emilia Persson

Validation an clinical implementation of an MRI-only rostate radiotherapy workflow 



2019-05-31: Christian Jamtheim Gustafsson

MRI-only radiotherapy of prostate cancer. Development and evaluation of methods to assess fiducial marker detection, geometric accuracy and dosimetric integrity.



2018-12-14: Simon Kindvall

Pulmonary imaging with quantification of T1-relaxation and oxygen enhanced MRI



2018-06-08: Lars Herrnsdorf 

Development and characterization of sensitive, energy-independent solid-state photon dosemeters with high spatial and temporal resolution



2018-06-05: Hannie Förnvik (tidigare Petersson)

Optimization of breast tomosynthesis. Computer simulations of image acquisition and glandular dose.



2017-09-22: Marie-Louise Aurumskjöld

Optimization of image quality and radiation dose with Iterative image reconstruction in Computed Tomography



2017-06-01: Karl Östlund

Methods of localizing and quantifying radionuclide sources and deposition by means of in situ gamma spectrometry. Critical review of the peak-to-valley method based on experimental studies and case studies in Georgia and Japan.



2017-05-26: Therese Geber

Retrospective radiation dosimetry using OSL in materials close to man -applications in emergency situations and their aftermaths



2017-04-21: Martin Andersson

Dose estimations for diagnostic nuclear medicine. Improved anatomical and biokinetic models for assessment of organ absorbed dose and effective dose



2016-12-15: Ünal Ören 

Radiation and radionuclide measurements at radiological and nuclear emergencies. Use of instruments and methods intended for Clinical radiology and nuclear medicine.

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2016-10-07: Magnus Dustler

Pressure distribution in mammography

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2016-09-09: Jonas Nilsson

Mobile Gamma Spectrometry: Optimisation and Development of Methods for Mapping and Locating Lost Radioactive Sources.

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2014-03-07: Marie Christiansson 

Household salt as an emergency radiation dosemeter for retrospective dose assessments using optically stimulated luminescence 

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2013-12-13: Pernilla Peterson 

Quantification of fat content and fatty acid composition using magnetic resonance imaging 

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2013-10-18: Marie Sydoff

Quantification methods for clinical studies in nuclear medicine - Applications in AMS, PET/CT and SPECT/CT

Announcement-Sydoff (pdf 392,5 kB)

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2013-05-17: Daniel Förnvik

Measurement of tumor extent and effects of breast compression in digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis

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2012-10-12: Peder Kock

Orphan source detection in mobile gamma-ray spectrometry. Improved techniques for background assessment.

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2012-05-18: Fredrik Nordström

Quality assurance in radiotherapy. Development and evaluation of new tools for improved patient safety in external beam therapy

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2012-03-16: Marcus Söderberg

Image Quality Optimisation and Dose Management in CT, SPECT/CT, and PET/CT

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2011-10-07: Tony Svahn

Evaluation of image quality and diagnostic accuracy in breast tomosynthesis. Comparison with digital mammaography and estimates of radiation risk.

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2011-09-16: Pontus Timberg

Breast Tomosynthesis: Aspects on detection and perception of simulated lesions

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2011-09-09: Carl Siversson

Three-dimensional T1 quantification techniques for assessment of cartilage quality using dGEMRIC.

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2011-06-10: Christian Bernhardsson

Radiation exposure of human populations in villages in Russia and Belarus affected by fallout from the Chrnobyl reactor.

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